Terra DCP

Dust Control Product

Airborne pollutants are generated on road ways especially non paved roads. Dust has been shown to cause respiratory illness. Research has indicates people who live or work near these roads are nearly two times more likely to develop Chronic Bronchitis when working.
The main method of dust control has been watering and in most area it is required. Agricultural and construction dust is a serious environmental and health hazard. The dust on the surfaces of Road and construction areas are mostly clay, silt or a combination of the two.

TERRA DCP™ not only eliminates the dust or mud, but it also reduces the amount of water needed to perform this reduction. This means Terra DPT will save you time, money & labor cost. In addition, the surface will become more workable because it helps to break up compacted area for construction.

TERRA DCP™ solves the dust and mud problem, while being ecologically and environmentally safe to use. If you have problems with dust or mud on your construction site, agriculture or roadways or any other area, you owe it to yourself and your workers to try this cost effective product. EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE


TERRA DCP™ is the premier product for all of your dust control and soil retention needs, from small applications to large scale commercial projects. Our unique product is the result of years of Research and Development and is specially formulated to provide superior bonding to soils. It is easily diluted with water and can be applied on a wide variety of soil types to provide long-lasting performance. Our formula works extremely well at binding particles together to strengthen the soil and is specially designed to work its way down into the soil to maximize the penetration depth. The unique binding agents of Terra DCP result in a durable, moisture-permeable surface that suppresses dust and stabilizes soil. Properly applied it creates a long-lasting surface that will not wash away with rain and is strong enough to withstand very heavy truck loads.

Application Rate

Application rate will depend more on how big of an area a truck covers, with how much water, then dilution rate. About 8000 gallons is what a standard 18 wheeler type carries. If he were to spread that across 5 miles he would cover almost 400,000 sq. ft. It would take a minimum of 50 gallons. (dilution rate 1/160). But if he covered 10 miles with that same 8000 gallons it would take 100 gallons (dilution rate of 1/80) and so on. And it would also depend on how wide the road was. This is calculated on a 15 ft. wide road.











TERRA DCP™ benefits:

•It reduces the health hazards associated with airborne dust particles.

•It is a safe, non-toxic product to use.

•It controls dust & mud by improving the water retention of the soil.

•It continues to improve soil stability and workability with each application and watering.

•It reduces labor and water consumption while maintaining the surface.

•It maximizes the benefits of normal rainfall!

•It works on all types of soils – clay, hardpan, sand and caliches (regardless of pH).

•It eliminates mud by allowing water to percolate down to a depth of 40 inches.

•It makes for less work to maintain construction areas after a big rain or dry spell.

•You will have less water run-off, which means less pollution of other areas on your land.