Terra Soil Stabilizer

Watering your Foundation

In the summer months most people know to water there foundation, this is an attempt to keep the ground more stable. But over time, with the heat and rain soil under and around your homes foundation becomes unstable, and you get movement causing foundation problems. But what you may not know is when it rains and/or you water around your house foundation, depending on the soil type, water can not penetrate or it finds a way around the soil particles, creating puddles, or just runs off washing away needed soil. The soil under and around the foundation is what keeps the house stable, if water can not penetrate into the soil, it dry's out very fast and the foundation becomes unstable. It becomes a constant battle of trying to keep the soil next to the foundation and stable. The constant rain and heat is one of the major causes of foundation movement, cracks in the slab, and interior cracks.

Once Terra SS is applied to the foundation's soil, a physical change begins

Because water molecules do not bind to soil particles, water is not absorbed, but just runs through or off. Terra SS contains a naturally occurring isotope that forces them to bind. As the soil particle absorb water they expand and as they evaporate they contract. This expansion and contraction creates oxygen channels to form. This process allows water to penetrate deep into the soil. Depending on the soil and amount of product this can exceed three feet or more. Once the oxygen channels are formed and the product has saturated to the depth it goes into the second stage. Terra SS contains aerobic bacteria that populates the channels and forms a bridge-like structure, working as a natural glue to stabilize and bind the soil particles, continuing to strengthen with time.

Before or after slab is poured

For best results apply Terra SS before the slab is poured, this is better for complete stabilization. But if the slab is done you can still stabilize the slab or building around the foundation. Terra SS is a liquid that penetrates deep into the soil to stabilize the entire area.













Soil Stabilizer

Environmentally Safe

Helps prevent foundation failure

Use before or after foundation completion